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Human Assessment Specialist

About Us: Love Justice International (LJI) is a Christian nonprofit organization and our mission is sharing the love of Jesus Christ by fighting the world’s greatest injustices. We do this in two primary ways: through our expanding anti-human trafficking work and by caring for orphaned and abandoned children. We are seeking faithful, compassionate, thoughtful problem-solvers who are able to think deeply and carefully about how we can share Christ's love by fighting injustice. You can make more money elsewhere, and probably find better ways to live an easier, more comfortable life. We see this work as more than just a job, but as a calling to that mission. If you are called to our mission and want to find out how you can fit into our work, apply today!

Love Justice International is a certified Best Christian Workplace in 2021 and 2022. Click here for more information about us.

Position Type: Full Time; Support-Raised; Overseas or Stateside

*If hired, the candidate will be required to raise financial support to cover his/her own salary, benefits, and expenses. Raising support is a key example of the body of Christ supporting its members and joining in the fight against injustice. LJI will provide administrative and prayer support throughout the process, as well as guidance and resources to build up a support base. Please prayerfully consider whether you may be called to step out in faith and raise support for this position.

Program and Position Overview: LJI's anti-human trafficking strategy and its orphan care work depends greatly on finding the right people in the places we operate. Given this, we’ve made it our mission to specialize in finding the right people. In fact, our core competency is searching out the people, places, and tools to maximize mission impact. To do this, we’ve developed (and have ideas to develop) a number of human assessments using predictive modeling, including:

  • Mindset, Work Beliefs, and Moral Reasoning assessments used for hiring LJI Staff
  • Specific assessments for national office staff, teachers, parents, monitors, and fundraisers

Our goal is to form a team that is constantly working to improve our assessments and particularly to make them more predictive. We use assessments within our application and hiring process for LJI and we’d like to apply some of the lessons we’ve learned there (in selecting the right people) to more of our program work. For example, an assessment to help us select the best transit monitors to intercept potential victims of trafficking or an assessment to select the best him parents for one of our Family Homes caring for orphaned and abandoned children. 

The Human Assessment Specialist will report to the CEO. The position would ideally be based in the Dolphin Coast, South Africa, however, it’s also possible for it to be remote.  

Primary Duties and Responsibilities: The primary duty of the Human Assessment Specialist is to carry forward and further develop the methodologies developed by LJI for building these assessments, and use it to continually improve them, including:

  • With stakeholders, coming up with potential evolutions of the assessments and testing them
  • Regularly gathering new data from Love Justice staff and other sources, including coming up with unique ways to get data to make these assessments more robust
  • Collecting and helping to prepare data from these assessments for predictive modeling (to be done by our Data Science team)
  • Helping to build tools to use these assessments and the predictive models generated by them for hiring and developing staff

The duties listed above are conducted within a work culture that is striving to emulate Christ and make him first and central. Staff should agree with the following ideas included in what it means to us to Abide in Christ (our first Global Value):

  • Our Primary Identity is in Christ
  • We Believe God Is Sovereign Over Injustice
  • We Are Made, Called, and Led By Christ
  • We Commit to Connect with Jesus
  • Prayer Should Be Central To Our Work
  • Our Conduct Is Our Testimony 

Qualifications: The qualifications for this position are the following: 

  • Mature Christian faith and agreement with our Global Value to “Abide in Christ”
  • Knowledge, understanding, and agreement with how the Christian Gospel ministers to “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40) and guides us in our mission
  • Agreement with our Core Value “Be the Kingdom”(both in the execution of our mission and in our personal lives)
  • Acknowledgement of our Statement of Faith
  • A strong commitment to social justice and advocacy on behalf of vulnerable populations
  • Minimum of a bachelor's degree in a field relevant to position (human assessments, school or industrial psychology, etc.); a master's degree or higher preferred
  • Significant experience in working with or developing human assessment tools 
  • Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Strong work ethic, self-motivation, and willingness to adapt to changing and challenging circumstances
  • Proficiency with Google Suite and particularly with Google Sheets
  • Familiarity with working with complex spreadsheets